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Frequently Asked 


Where are you located? 

Dough Is Me is located in Worcester Massachusetts


Do you have a store we can visit? 


Unfortunately, we do not own a bakery that you can visit. We attend pop ups. The one we attend most often is located at Clark University in Worcester Massachusetts. We are always open to participate at other venues as well. When we know where we will be we post all over our social media to let you know!



what forms of payment do you take online? 



Online we take credit/ debit cards along with PayPal


What forms of payment do you take at the pop ups? 

In person we take… Venmo, credit/ debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and of course cash 


Are there nutfree/ gluten free products?


Yes! We do have nut and gluten free products! There will be an icon labeling what is and what isn’t in each item. Though those products do not contain nuts or gluten, it’s not 100% guaranteed that there was no cross contamination. Though this is present, we try our best to isolate the products.

How  can I get updates/ keep up to date? 

Follow us on instagram @dough_is_me

Facebook  @doughisme1

Tik Tok @doughisme

What are your hours of operation?


We typically respond within 24 -48 hours! We try to get back to as fast as possible! For delivery and production, it depends on the specific order and we work that out with you!  

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